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Lindsay Lohan hospitalized again

Lindsay Lohan hospitalized again

Just My Luck Star Lindsay Lohan was taken to a London hospital after cutting her shin in an accident at singer Bryan Adams' mansion reports New York Daily News.

NYDN was really vague on the Bryan Adams thing, I am assuming it is this Bryan Adams.

That said, what on earth is Lindsay doing at his house.

"Lindsay was going up the stairs, carrying a ceramic teacup," Dina Lohan told Star Magazine. "She had just come out of the shower, so she was still wet and had some lotion on, and she completely flipped on the stairs. ... The teacup went flying, it was shattered and one of the pieces cut Lindsay on her shin."

The actress/singer needed 10 stitches Friday to close the gash on her leg.

Lohan, 19, also was hospitalized in Miami this month after suffering an asthma attack.




Looks like Bulemia has struck again. How obvious to everyone, except these silly little girls (the Lindsays, the Nicoles, the Parises), that these girls are worthless members of society, gadflies who accomplish nothing,
do nothing and are nothing. Why these girls get this attention goes to show that boring is in. She not even a good actress. She's a one stop shop, a moment in time. I don't see a classic hit here; I see a one hit wonder, if even that.

Doesn't this sound like the kind of extra detail you put into a bullshit story so your Dad won't know you were wasted when you crashed his car? (Um... how'd you bang up the car...? Well, Dad, see there was this skunk on the road and I swerved to miss it and then my crackpipe fell down between the seats... oh I mean my teacup.... and then it was really slippery because they had just put lotion onthe roads...)

I think people that complain about celebritits are very silly people because they obviusly have nothing better to do, lyndsey lohan is a brilliant actress and slagging her off isn't gonna change that!














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