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CringeWorthy : Super Bitch Sophie Mitchell

If you've caught the MTV reality show, " My Super Sweet 16 ," you've probably done your fair share of cringing. The show takes a rich girl who is about to turn 16 and follows her around as she plans a huge party for her Sweet 16. Usually the girls are super bitchy and super disgusting writes DLISTED.

In a recent episode, MTV followed super bitch Sophie Mitchell. If I could reach into my TV that bitch would have been slapped. Yeah her Mom too. What a little bitch. I am saying this in that Jeff the Drunk way. In addition to speaking to her mother like she is trash, that little bitch thinks she is fucking Paris. She is kind of cute, and a few pounds off I guess she could be hot, but what a bitch. That said she totally needs her own show.

Melissa writes.

"if you want the desire to stab your self in the head repeatedly with blunt objects, watch My Super Sweet Sixteen on MTV. Nothing has made me want to lunge through my tv screen and strangle the person on the other side more than this show. These girls make the Hiltons look like well-rounded citizens. 'Dadddyyyy I dont waaannnt the new mercedeeeees, its tooo smallllll. i want a laaaannnd rovverrrrr. uhhhhhhh cmonnnnn.' aaaaagghhh. Please, can I just slap one of them? Just one..."
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