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March 09, 2005
America's crazy for Martha Stewart's poncho

Martha in her trend-setting poncho
Everyone's been talking about Martha Stewart lately and it's no big surprise - we're all anxious to see how the domestic diva and her empire will survive her recent stint in jail and her five-months of home confinement. But if you listen closely, they're also talking about one of her newest accessories. No, not the ankle bracelet she wears to monitor her location during confinement, but the poncho she wore when she was released from her stay at a West Virginia jail last week. Bloggers and knitters alike are wondering about the gray crocheted topper, both criticizing and adoring it. According to one knitter, the poncho made Stewart look "interesting and somehow cool". Cool is a word rarely associated with Martha and she has a fellow inmate to thank for her newfound coolness. According to Stewart, the poncho was made by "a wonderful lady...We'll try and get the pattern from her." So keep your eyes fixed on the next issue of Martha Stewart Living - it may be your ticket to newfound coolness as well. (By Kate Lanahan)





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