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Let gossip cure your case of "the Mondays"

Jen Schefft will break some hearts tonight
It's mid-afternoon post-Oscars and it's relatively safe to assume you've had enough award show gossip to last you until next February. That's where the Bosh comes in - offering you (relatively) Oscar-free gossip to get your Monday started on the right track. Here we go.

Even if you'll be feeling lonely and cold, it's nice to know that at least one person will be snuggled together with her love bird this evening, right? Tonight at 8 pm, ABC will air the season finale of "The Bachelorette", a show that usually brings with it pledges of eternal love that are broken within 6 months. Don't be surprised if tonight's pledge is broken before the the Tivo finishes taping, though.

More dish after the jump.

You see, as reported in various sources, Miss Jen Schefft has probably already broken up with her chosen suitor. Ben Widdicombe of The New York Daily News claims she dumped the man (rumored to be Jerry) just one week after accepting his proposal. But Jerry won't be suffering alone tonight. John Paul was also rejected after proposing as well. That Jen is one ice queen. I doubt ABC will ask her back for another season.

If you're still questioning how Fred Durst's private sex tape was leaked to the internet last Friday, you should probably be thinking about more important things. Still, Fred felt the need to clarify and gave MTV.com the full scoop. The video was snatched (pun intended) from his hard drive by a computer repair man. It was NOT stolen from a T-Mobile Sidekick. Said Durst, "If you look on Paris' thing, I don't use T-Mobile." I'd rather not look on Paris's "thing", Fred. "One Night in Paris" was enough of a look to last me a lifetime.


Britney Spears must have picked up a box of Nice and Easy last week. She stepped out with husband, Kevin Federline, for a screening of The Wedding Date in her hometown of Kentwood, LA with a new brunette look. Britney, just because you change your hair color doesn't make you any less of a blonde.

Okay, we lied, here's a tiny bit of Oscar gossip. Leonardo DiCaprio almost missed his first public date with girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen. He nearly choked to death the other night at a restaurant while eating a carrot. He was saved by his mother, who gave him the Heimlich maneuver. Maybe she should have left him alone - then he wouldn't have had to sit through Jamie Foxx's acceptance speech.

According to Page Six, Hilary Swank almost didn't win her second Oscar for Best Actress. She was the studio's third choice for the role in Million Dollar Baby. Good thing Sandra Bullock and Ashley Judd turned it down. Or maybe not. Rumors are circulating that her success, now multiplied with her big win last night, is coming between her and her husband, Chad Lowe. Sources claim he is jealous of her achievements. It sure didn't seem that way last night, though, as Lowe teared up during her acceptance speech.

Either things are getting serious between Tom Cruise and his new lady friend, Sofia Vergara, or he's brainwashed her. The former Catholic was spotted heading in to the Scientology Center on Friday. A source told News of the World, "Sofia had no known connection to Scientology before meeting Tom, so it's a huge sign they are committed."


The word is that Jennifer Lopez is pregnant and she's "delighted". The actress/singer/dancer has desperately been trying for a baby since she married Marc Anthony, even setting up a shrine to pray for one in her home. Perhaps her pregnancy can explain why the diva, normally dressed to the nines, has been going out in ratty sweatshirts like this one. Yuck.

This should give some of you fantasy material for days. Shannon Elizabeth, the actress who always plays the hot naked chick in B-movies, told Conan O'Brien that she likes to participate in nude scavenger hunts. She and her friends race to different Los Angeles locations and take naked pictures of themselves to prove they were there. Elizabeth said, "I have all these Polaroids of all these people. Unless somebody specifically asks for them (I keep them) but nobody really has." Girl, consider yourself asked.

Right after e-mails are released from Paris Hilton's stolen Sidekick that seem to prove that Jessica Simpson is a cocaine user (which would explain her dramatic recent weight loss), a tipster writes to Page Six Six Six claiming that her husband, Nick Lachey, has been abusing steroids and alcohol. Hmmm... if Nick's been chowing down on the roids, shouldn't he be a bit more beefy?














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