• James posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    If it wasnt clear enough already that David Cameron hasn’t got his priority’s straight for this country at all it should be now…after announcing yesterday pie in the sky new policies such as filling our roads with “driverless cars” or super fast broadband for all. These pointless things will not tackle any real issues at all but will just suck…[Read more]

    • @james I agree!! just a smokescreen and a distraction… making out that everyone lives are going to be improved by this needless tech whilst really it will have the opposite effect and will strengthen big tech companies grasp on our economy.. You mark my words no British small business is going to get any of the big contracts from this… all…[Read more]

    • The fact that the politicians are using scare tactics to make us vote to stay in the EU sums up the EU pretty well!

    • David Cameron isn’t for democracy he is for plutocracy and will sell this country to the highest bidder!

  • James posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    Now the bank of England has started using threats to keep us in the EU… despite the fact that the bank of England should be completely neutral and have no politically bias the Bank of England have said that leaving the eu could harm the uk economy.
    However this is just complete speculation from the bank of England! The bank of England boss Mark…[Read more]

    • Now the IMF has warned that if we leave the EU “Markets may anticipate such adverse economic effects. This could entail sharp drops in equity and house prices, increased borrowing costs for households and businesses, and even a sudden stop of investment inflows into key sectors such as commercial real estate and finance.”
      It looks as though the…[Read more]

    • I’m not surprised! Especially not by the IMF.. cannot let Americas plan of taking over the world go to pot by letting democracy prevail.

      It is so funny seeing Obama and Hilary Clinton trying so so hard to get use to stay in the EU.. whilst Donald trump says he think the Uk should leave the eu…… That shows that the democrat part hates…[Read more]

  • James posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    Is it just me who thinks that it is just plain wrong that GOOGLE gets away with AVOIDING paying billions in cooperation tax and then is rewarded by our government by getting a lucrative contract with the NHS to build an app for them! What is wrong with a Uk business creating this app instead? Oh wait I forgot the Torie government could not give a…[Read more]

    • I agree totally!!! I think Google is a disgusting company and cannot be trusted at all with the patient data!! Google will use this data to make even more money after all that is Google’s business model.. give out free stuff like android and make the user the product by collecting tons of data from users to make money from them!
      Also since google…[Read more]

    • What this app even going to do? Just a big waste of money that could have been better spent saving peoples lives.

  • James posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    If you think the EU is too intrusive and anti democratic then just you wait! According to Junker the non elected leader of the eu… there are too man “part time Europeans” and that the European vision as he calls it is being undermined by national self-interests.. in other words he is saying that for the EU to work properly all countries must be…[Read more]

    • In my opinion the EU is a monster trying to destroy our democracy and has been set up by the AMERICANS through their control of Germany after world war 2.. AND when America does merge with the eu through the transatlantic investment and trade partnership that gives America priority and the final decisions in laws made then it is quite clear to see…[Read more]

  • James posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    It has been announced that the new nvidia graphics card the GTX 1080 is going to be released THIS MONTH plus it is said to be upto three times faster and more efficient than the current top end graphics card by nvidia the Titan X BUT what is really exciting is that this new graphics card is going to be only $600 which is a heck of a lot cheaper…[Read more]

    • I cannot actually wait to get one of these and Im so pleased it is so cheap I was actually expecting it to be around $1200 especially for this one that is meant to be the higher end model!! I bet some people are kicking themselves so hard right now if they just bought a titan x full price! ahhh that would be so painful!! I might have to wait a…[Read more]

    • Its now been released but as usual it is waaaaaaaaay cheaper in the US than it is here in the uk which is a major shame and a half!

  • James posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    Super news everyone!!!! https://ghostbin.com/paste/fumkt <<< Thanks to anonymous it looks as though Hilary Clinton’s corruption has finally caught up with her and with a bit of luck she will be going to jail! Even with all the lobby money being pumped into her by big businesses campaign… it looks as though even the free mason were not able to…[Read more]

    • I very much doubt anything will come out of this at all.. anonymous didn’t actually leak anything new only collected a bunch of links to stories already out there about Hilary Clinton. Do not get me wrong I want Hilary Clinton and the rest of the greedy capitalist cronies to get what they deserve but the FBI have not arrested her now and probably…[Read more]

    • I just read this email from the leak https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/14333 someone was sending Hilary Clinton weird messages about sacrificing a chicken to an ancient god Moloch… apparently Moloch is some sort of pagan devil god who people used to sacrifice children to. This proves Hilary Clinton associates with satanists and devil…[Read more]

    • It takes many years and a lot of money to make a vile monster like Hilary Clinton so the establishment will try extremely hard to protect her.

  • James posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    I have been researching recently how to rank parasite pages on google seeing as doing it the white hat way no longer works because nowadays the only sites to rank in google are the big boys like amazon and ebay.. so why not use this to my advantage?
    Anyway this is what I have found out about ranking parasite pages in google.. enjoy!

    When it comes…[Read more]

  • James posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    It says a lot when Obama does not even batter an eyelid when their is a terrorist attack in the EU. But then again you have to give it to Obama for sticking with his islamic beliefs… erm or maybe not! It make me sick that Obama is also saying that Britain should stay in the eu! what so we can get bombed too? and so when the eu does sign the…[Read more]

  • James posted an update in the group Group logo of Google is evilGoogle is evil 1 year, 9 months ago

    After decades of oppression by America, Cuba has finally given in and succumbed to the American beast and it hasn’t taken America very long at all to get the ball rolling and to exploit the Cuban people.
    Already Google (AKA THE CIA), is even offering to give Cuba faster internet… and Google is not doing this out of the goodness of Googles heart…[Read more]

    • Cuba’s culture is going to totally disappear now! I wonder what Castro would have have to say about all of this?? Is Castro still alive.. or have the Americans bumped him off in secret as to not start another revolution?

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  • James posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    The bosh now support emojis enjoy. 😀

  • chris posted an update in the group Group logo of Things that suck!Things that suck! 1 year, 12 months ago

    Something that well and truly sucks is Norton internet security… I got it on my new computer pre installed and it just slows down my whole computer. At one point it was using 90% of my cpu whilst it was updating (which is does quite a lot pointlessly). It is really intrusive and once your subscription finishes it just turns into a virus by…[Read more]

  • chris posted an update in the group Group logo of Google is evilGoogle is evil 1 year, 12 months ago

    Google has been updating the so called search quality algo recently.. in other words the greedy pigs want more money so they are demoting even more small businesses n the search results in order to force them to buy adwords just to be seen. If this is not anti competitive I do not know what is! But do not count on the government doing anything…[Read more]

    • I have noticed changes as well…My site lost even more ranking and more amazon listing have appeared if that was even possible. I only monitor the search results for my site on google I do not actually use google as a search engine anymore after they virtually destroyed my business. Through out the Christmas period google was “updating something”…[Read more]

      • 4 months later and things for me have gone from bad to worse… it just doesn’t make any sense to even do anything on the internet anymore because google is doing everything in their wretched power to make sure the only way is too get traffic is to buy adword.. but at £1 per click adwords is unprofitable and a scam!

        What is funny is that in 2003…[Read more]

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  • mike posted an update in the group Group logo of Things that suck!Things that suck! 2 years ago

    Network solutions aka web.com are compete scammers! These scoundrels own a domain auction site called snapnames, after I won a very expensive domain at auction on this site and paid £2000 my account was then suspended for no reason meaning that I have just lost £2000.. after phoning up snapnames they told me that to get my account activated an d…[Read more]

    • James replied 2 years ago

      Thats too bad.. apparently snapnames got in trouble in 2009 for shill bidding whereby a snapnames employee would go around bidding on auctions just to drive up the prices. It seems that these scammers have so many domain register sites just suck up as many domains as they can.. letting people register a domain with them get them to build up the…[Read more]

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