• It sounds like you have found practical alternatives to resolve the potential alcohol issue. I would suggest trying to substitute alcohol – think of something you like, that you know is very good for you, and you enjoy drinking. Then every time you crave alcohol instead insert this substitute. No idea what that would be for you, but perhaps a…[Read more]

  • I’ve been reading this thread with mixed thoughts and feelings about how to respond.

    You say that your parents give you money to save but you spend some of it and this has caused guilt. You now have a boiler problem and told your mother that you can’t pay to fix/repair it. It sounds like you are trying to have your metaphorical cake and eat/drink…[Read more]

  • Don’t worry about the boiler. you have until winter to sort it out before it becomes a massive issue. work out a plan to replace the money over the next few months. I’m sure your parents would forgive you if you told them you have a drinking issue. they may even help.

    You need to find something to obsess about which isn’t destructive in order to…[Read more]

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    Refer yourself to someone like the above, see if there is a centre nearby, get assessed and get help.

    I’ve done it after getting into a binge drinking habit last year that was going nowhere pleasant.

    I had sessions (once every 2 weeks) last year and am now T total and loving my life again. It will be unpleasant at…[Read more]

  • I’m sorry to hear about your situation, I hope it improves. I’m definitely in a position to prevent my situation getting worse. I need to stop drinking and then my problems with alcohol and money will be sorted. I need to go to AA or do a programme. I should pursue a more active recovery, rather than relying partly on willpower.

    I did buy a time…[Read more]

  • Far from expert advice here, and probably going to sound extremely unsympathetic….but.

    You don’t really sound like you have an alcohol or money problem.

    Maybe you will end up with both, but I don’t see that here.

    For some perspective:

    I have no income, ten grand of loan debt, two of overdraft, plus another 1.5 from various friends who I need…[Read more]

  • oh, and money.

    Work out your budget, ideally weekly, monthly maximum time. Aside from fixed costs (rent, direct debits) use cash only. So take out £200 (example) for the week, and that’s it. Much easier to budget that way.

  • HI,

    Been reading this thread… Speaking from personal experience so can only say what helped me.

    You need to replace the alcohol with something, something to take its place, you need a motivation to not do it. As you have said running can help. That’s what i did, started running and eventually found out i actually liked it. It could be…[Read more]

  • I’ve been lucky in having a certain amount of family help financially, and have found that it ‘can’ be a double edged sword, in that one needs to find another driver (to the usual one of needing to survive), so that one still has the spark which keeps one moving forwards.

    For me it seems to be about looking back on my life when I’m much older and…[Read more]

  • Take control of your life.

    Very sound comments on here re taking control and alcohol.

    You also need to take control of your finances. Have a spreadsheet – money in, money out. Have columns for food, bills, transport, activities, etc. Don’t have one for alcohol.

    If you don’t have a natural aptitude for managing your money, and you don…[Read more]

  • Best advice I can give is talk with your mates. If your going to stop drinking and it sounds like you need to their support will be critical. I stopped 29 years ago and couldn’t have done it without my mates not pressuring me in to having a drink. A pal of mine who is a very high functioning alcoholic just hit 2 years sober, again he approached…[Read more]

  • Fair enough, I don’t know, I probably need to get out more, maybe get into running and sports…. I guess I was just looking for sympathy, and sometimes you can get some life changing advice from forums and on facebook.

    Sorry, I work as a freelance translator so my writing style should probably be better, I have noticed myself that my sentences…[Read more]

  • That’s spot on, I’m addicted to alcohol. My brain can think up lots of excuses to have a drink. I need to break the addiction.

  • Your post is really weird.

    You don’t actually ask anything. You write staccato sentences (as are your replies,) and don’t really engage with the thread that you have started.

    What do you want?

  • I am totally unqualified to offer this opinion. However, to me it seems like 8 days alcohol free is not a remarkable amount of time. It sounds like the boiler is an excuse to mask a feeling of needing to drink. It sounds like rather than a broken boiler the problem is that after a week of not drinking, you’re scrabbling for an excuse to legitimise…[Read more]

  • I went out last night at least partly due to the stress of not having enough money for the new boiler.

    No. I don’t think that’s right. You went out last night because you wanted do, and you’re using the stress thing as an excuse.

    Sorry to sound harsh, but if you want to break an addiction you have to be really honest with yourself. There will…[Read more]

  • If your debts are causing you serious concerns, or if they are getting out of control, you should get in touch with one of the debt charities. I don’t have first hand information of any, but maybe Money Advice Service or Step Change. They can help you better understand your income and outgoings, and if you’re struggling, you may be able to manage…[Read more]

  • I’ve got an awful hangover after 8 days alcohol free. I went out last night at least partly due to the stress of not having enough money for the new boiler. I wish I hadn’t have gone out last night.

  • Apparently it’s money from a trust. Then it’s meant to be used for things like maintenance to my flat etc. I don’t have a disability. I work as a freelance translator. I’m not currently seeking professional help.

  • Too many unknowns here to offer help.

    Do you live independently of your parents?

    Are you unemployed?

    Seeing as you are “jamesg85” that, by my reckoning, makes your 33yrs old, why are your parents still subbing you?

    Do you have a disability?

    Are you seeking professional help for your drinking?

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