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The site is currently under construction.. products, descriptions and content yet to be added to.

Currently under construction!
Welcome to The Bosh.
Featuring news, rumors, and gossip on media including movies, television, and books plus covering fashion, style and health.
We design and print our own fashion. All clothing found on the bosh is designed and created by us. You will not find any of the designs anywhere else! Our main mission with our clothing ranges is to give people designers clothing for affordable prices.

Foot care.
Here at The Bosh we have a wide range of really comfortable footcare products for well your feet! We have a range of orthotic insoles which have been specially made to help correct gait and pronation, protect the foot and heel from shock and pressures as well as added support for your feet. To find out more about our footcare ranges you can visit our blog which features tons of helpful information about keeping your feet healthy.