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The Bosh are specialists in fashion and now we aim to combine our specialist knowledge and infuse this into our own line of products inspired by our favourite designs. The Bosh provide a wide range of branded products and clothing so you can stay fashionable, whether that is when you are walking down the street, exercising or just chilling in your room. Below we summarize some of the highlights of our shop...

The Bosh Fashion! Get The Bosh with our unique style! The best, authentic clothing found nowhere else! All our designs are inspired by things that actually matter. We believe giving meaning and purpose to all our clothing designs, we want you to stand out from the crowd.

*ALL NEW* The Bosh Sports Range The Bosh believe in being fashionable at all times. We are passionate about our designs but we are also passionate about keeping healthy and so we have decided to unite the two for our new fashionable sports range. We have a wide range of comfortable and super cool sportswear products and sports accessories. Buy everything from breathable sports clothing to orthotic devices and injury supports, branded with our unique designs.
Secure Payment when you buy from The Bosh! When purchasing something from our website all transactions are done through the online payment system: Paypal which is fast and secure. It also means that your bank or credit card information is never stored or shared with us here on The Bosh.nFast Delivery! With a £2.50 flat rate delivery charge it means the more you buy the more you save on delivery costs. All orders made before 4pm on working days (Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday and Friday) are dispatched the same day. Orders made on weekends or bank holidays are dispatched the next working day. We use Royal Mail to delivery all our products.
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Our store

The store has a range of stylish clothing depicting our unique style! Our fashion is a fine addition to anyone's wardrobe whether you are looking for a cool sophisticated look or a more laid back style. All our original fashion can be found nowhere else!

We also have an extensive range of sports gear too, including orthotic supports which can help to better support and ease strain on muscles and limbs. Orthotic support and compression can reduce pain and inflammation of the muscles as well as fatigue which in turn reduces the risk of injury as a result. Currently we stock some great supports such as our arch support insoles our knee supports and not forgetting our back supports which help to realign the back and improve posture which can reduce back strain and pain. *Please note that currently we are out of stock of back supports however we do plan to have more in stock very soon. If you are in desperate need of a back support and cannot wait till we get more in stock then we would recommend you to try Nuovahealth in the meantime.

Get your orders fast!

With all orders made here on Thebosh you can expect same day dispatch for all orders on working days made before 4pm! All orders made after 4pm will be shipped to you the next working day.

With all orders we have a fixed rate charge of £2.50, this charge doe not increase no matter how many items you order in one go, this means that you can save a lot by buying more items at once.

Secure Payment!
We use Paypal here which is fast and secure. It also means that you do not directly share any credit card or bank information with us for your peace of mind!

Refunds & Returns
For whatever the reason your not totally happy with your item then you will be happy to know that all orders made can be returned to us within 20 days of receiving the item. You will receive a full refund including delivery charges.

For more info
If you wish to find out more about us or our  payment and refund policies please visit our about us page which you can find here. Also if you wish to get in contact with the team here on Thebosh please use this contact form.

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